Commission Prices and Examples

  • Take a look through my gallery and see what I can do. Make sure you like my style before commissioning me.
  • I will draw a lot of things, so feel free to inquire. I am more comfortable drawing men than women. I will draw all sorts of creatures (monsters, dragons, demons, angels, other beasties, etc.). Horror, gore, blood, phobias, and other related elements are fine. I will do fanart (including your playable character from X video game) and original characters. Armor and weapons are fine, but there may be an additional cost depending on complexity.
  • I will not draw: NSFW (currently), vore , loli/shota, or robots/mecha (things like robotic arms, eyes, other body parts, etc. are fine). I will also not do any Undertale fanart by the creator’s request. This list is subject to modification.
  • Prices (added here as per request): $75.00 USD for a half-body digital cel shaded piece with no or a simple background. $100.00 USD for a Copic Marker portrait. You will receive both a physical copy and a scanned, digital version (which will be edited in Photoshop). These are base prices.
  • All commission prices are for a single character. Ask about additional characters. Minor characters (like a pet, familiar, etc.) will not generally incur an additional fee unless they’re overly complicated.
  • If you want another kind of commission that isn’t listed, please ask me.

Commission Form:

After reading the Terms of Service, please fill out the form below and e-mail it to:

  1. DA/Tumblr Name
  2. Your Real Name
  3. Paypal e-mail address and the name as it appears on the account.
  4. Commission Type (from the example sheet).
  5.  Image Reference (s) of Character.
  6. Name of Character.
  7. Age of Character.
  8. Personality of Character (2 paragraph limit please).
  9. Important Features.
  10. Extra information (optional).